2021 Report
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Annual Report – 2021

The mission of Chapa-De Indian Health is to advance the health and well-being of American Indians and low income individuals living in our communities by providing convenient access to high-quality, compassionate care.

Letter from Lisa

2021 was quite a year! While easily one of the most challenging years in recent history (which says a lot after 2020), the difficulties emphasized the importance of Chapa-De’s work and the amazing employees who make it possible. I am humbled to work alongside an incredible group of people who are smart, capable, incredibly resilient, and who care deeply about our patients and communities.


I am pleased to share this snapshot of what we accomplished together in 2021 and extend my sincere gratitude to the partners who helped make it all possible. Our team remains dedicated to enriching the lives of those we serve and hope for a better year for us all in 2022.


With gratitude,


Lisa Davies, MPH
Chief Executive Officer




3rd Party Insurance Billing
& Patient Fees


Indian Health Service


Grants & Others








Active & On-Going Grants in 2021


Indian Health Service Special Diabetes Program for Indians


DHCS Hub & Spoke Treatment Program for Opioid Addiction


DHCS Indian Health Program Perinatal Case Management


The Center at Sierra Health Foundation MAT Access Points Project


SAMHSA Tribal Opioid Response Program


HealthNet Behavioral Health Integration Project


HealthNet COVID-19 Telehealth Support


HealthNet COVID Vaccine Education Sponsorship


HealthNet HEDIS Quality Support


First 5 Placer Road to Resilience Project


Sutter Health COVID Vaccine Coordination Support


Sutter Health Virtual Diabetes Prevention Program


Latino Leadership Council COVID Safety & Vaccine Outreach

AAAHC Re-Accreditation

AAAHC Re-Accreditation

Achieving re-accreditation helps to show Chapa-De’s dedication to our mission and values and sets us apart from many other healthcare facilities. AAAHC is the leader in ambulatory health care accreditation. In order to receive accreditation, health care centers must meet nationally recognized standards for providing quality service. Chapa-De has had the AAAHC Primary Care accreditation for over 15 years. We are also recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).


Read more about our AAAHC re-accreditation HERE.

Newly Renovated Facilities

Newly Renovated Facilities

Chapa-De completed major renovations of more than 17,000 square feet at our health centers in Auburn and Grass Valley in 2021. Construction also continues on our new 10,000 square foot Administration Building in Grass Valley to be completed later this year. These projects ensure we have enough space to provide care to our growing communities. We also remain committed to providing a welcoming, relaxed, and updated atmosphere for patients to receive care.

Additions to the Auburn Health Center

9 new medical exam rooms

Expanded phlebotomy space

New offsite administration building

Dedicated telemedicine space

Expanded Diabetes Program Offices & Workout Room

Expanded dental offices & storage

Additions to the Grass Valley Health Center

New reception and waiting areas

5 new dental rooms and chairs

9 new medical exam rooms

Newly configured layout in all medical pods

New phlebotomy space

Dedicated telehealth space

New medical lab

Dedicated Diabetes space with new offices and group areas

Chapa-De is dedicated to delivering high-quality healthcare services to American Indians and low-income families and individuals. Chapa-De accepts Medical, Medicare and offers a sliding fee scale for uninsured patients. The relationship between a patient and their care team is vital to ensuring good outcomes. At Chapa-De our processes focus on getting to know our patients and collaborating across departments to meet their needs. Every day, we strive to deliver the best care possible and thank our patients for their trust and confidence.
Patient Numbers & Demographics

Patient Numbers


Patients Seen in 2021

Active Patients

Patient had at least one visit in the last three years


















Patient Demographics


0 - 180%

19 - 390%

40 - 590%







Native American0%


African American0%



Other Race0%



Placer County0%

Nevada County0%

Sacramento County0%

Yuba County0%

El Dorado County0%


Patient Insurance Coverage for 2021 Calendar Year






Private Insurance


Self Pay


Free (AIAN)



Patient Income Compared to Federal Poverty Level for 2021 Calendar Year


Under 100% FPL


100-138% of FPL


139-200% of FPL


201-400% of FPL


Above 400% of FPL



Patient Visits & Key Encounters

Patient Visits








Behavioral Health

Other Key Encounters

Top 10 reasons Patients Seek Care

1.   Dental Services
2.   Respiratory Symptoms
3.   Routine Child Health Examination
4.   Hypertension
5.   Depression & Anxiety
6.   Substance Use Disorder
7.   Diabetes Care
8.   Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
9.   Immunization
10.   Person under investigation for COVID-19

Patient Satisfaction
If you called to get an appointment for urgent care, did you get it?




Were you able to get an appointment for routine care within one month of your call??




Wait time includes time spent in the waiting room and exam room. Were you seen by your Care Team within 15 minutes of your appointment time?



Did your provider seem to know the important information about your medical history?



Did your provider listen carefully to you?



When you called Chapa-De, did you feel that the amount of time you spent on hold was reasonable?




Did anyone give you information about what to do if you need care during evenings, weekends, or holidays?



Data is based on feedback from patient surveys conducted in the medical department during the first half of 2021.

Patient Testimonials

I’ve always had great service here. The lady giving covid shots is hilarious. She made the trip to the doctor way more fun. I literally didn’t notice that she had given me my shot because I was too busy laughing. Then looked down and already had the Band-Aid on. Props to a great staff.


Jennifer S

A very nice and clean facility where I have found every Staff and fellow Patient extremely kind and helpful.


Matthew B

I’ve been at Chapa De since the beginning of this year upon switching to MediCal. Even throughout managing COVID, i have consistently received the most impeccable medical care of my life. Because of my collection of health conditions as well as income inequality I’ve been frequently made in my life to seek medical care facilities, i believe the world of patients and healthcare professionals would be much more harmonious if every facility I’ve ever encountered could take a cue from Chapa De. Other than the obvious convenience of everything being in one place (I can stop by and make a dentist appointment on my way out the door from picking up my prescriptions), the staff is excellent. I trust them, I feel they have my best interest at heart, I am able to be honest with them. Before Chapa De I never once have had a healthcare professional take my income/insurance obstacles into account when prescribing medication or recommending a referral; I rarely have had a doctor automatically recall my extensive medication roster when prescribing new medications; I had never expressed my specific worries to a pharmacist and had them immediately in contact with my doctor to resolve my problem; I had never encountered a patient advocate despite my obvious overwhelm (when I needed a referral for wisdom teeth removal they assigned me one who researched the stipulations of my coverage, found a provider in the area to refer me to who accepts my insurance, scheduled my appointment there, sent me a referral letter and notified me all without my prompting); I had never felt like my healthcare was a service to *me*, or a collaboration between myself and an educated, trustworthy servant who prioritizes my autonomy. At Chapa De I have never felt so genuinely cared for by the healthcare professionals I’ve been made to allow access to my body and mind. I’ve never felt so comfortable and welcome walking into a healthcare facility. I truly hope everyone who has ever needed or will need healthcare of any kind may someday have access to this kind of care.


Rachel F

The Chapa-De team has remained steadfast and committed to our communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Being on the front lines is no easy task and our staff do it day in and day out to provide our patients and underserved communities with access to much needed vaccines, testing, medical assessments, care, and treatments.
Testing & Vaccination Numbers

COVID-19 Testing


Unique Patients Tested in 2021


Unique Patients Tested Since the Pandemic Began


Tests Conducted in 2021


Tests Conducted Since the Pandemic Began

COVID-19 Vaccines


COVID Vaccine Doses Administered in 2021


COVID Vaccine Doses Administered Since the Pandemic Began

* Includes Primary & Boosters

Of Chapa-De staff are fully vaccinated and boosted to protect the health of our vulnerable patients and the wider community

COVID-19 Drive-Thru Visits


Unique Patients Seen


Visits Completed


Days spent by our team, in our parking lots, providing drive-thru care

Revamped Pandemic Services

Our team also continues to provide high quality services to patients across the board. Our Diabetes Department especially was challenged to find new and effective ways to provide case management services, nutrition counselling, lifestyle coaching, and various groups and classes throughout the pandemic in virtual and remote formats.


With generous grant funding from Indian Health Service and Sutter Health, Chapa-De offered a fun new challenge for patients participating in the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).


Participants were provided with a box of healthy food and were encouraged to share a recipe or picture of a meal that they prepared from the items in the box. This helped inspire others to incorporate tasty and healthy recipes into their weekly cooking.


Throughout 2021, the Chapa-De Diabetes Prevention Program gave out 55 food boxes. They also supported 44 individuals to lose a combined total of 333 pounds and to improve their A1C (blood sugar) level through healthy lifestyle changes.

Since our beginning, Chapa-De’s central focus has been to provide high-quality care and services to American Indians and Alaskan Natives. Every day we strive to respond in a meaningful and culturally relevant way to the health needs of this vital community. Our goal is to provide information, services and resources that support all aspects of wellbeing – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Our Commitment

During the pandemic, we heard from many patients who were missing gatherings, festivals, and everyday social interactions and connections. We recognized the sacrifices the community was making to keep everyone safe. We decided to reintroduce Chapa-De News as a means to connect with each other and American Indian culture. Each quarter, Chapa-De News features stories, traditions, and Native wisdom. We also let patients know what is going on at Chapa-De, telling them about services and programs available to them and their families.

Healing Trauma Gathering

On October 23rd Chapa-De brought together community members in response to the news of bodies found in unmarked graves at Indian Boarding Schools. These discoveries brought back painful memories. American Indian people have endured countless historical injustices including having their children forcibly removed from their homes to attend government-run boarding schools. Although a difficult topic to discuss, this gathering allowed people to start the process of long-term healing from unspoken traumas of the past and end the cycle of trauma for future generations. The gathering included a blessing, guest speakers from the Native Wellness Institute, and singing and drumming by the Bringing Medicine Drum Group.

Sierra Native Alliance COVID-19 Education

Chapa-De and Sierra Native Alliance have collaborated throughout the pandemic to share evidence-based information with our communities and to ensure access to COVID-19 testing, care and vaccines. One of our projects (made possible by generous grant support from Placer Community Foundation) included creating a series of six vaccine education videos. The videos have been viewed over 14,000 times on YouTube.

Drive-Thru Elder Christmas Party

One way we honor our Native Elders is with an annual Christmas party. For the second year in a row, we have hosted this event as a Drive-Thru party at each of our health centers to ensure safety during the pandemic. We were pleased to hand-out a holiday card, a sage bundle, and a gift card to 230 Elders in 2021. Chapa-De invites all American Indian Elders who are patients at Chapa-De to participate in the annual holiday party, we start accepting RSVPs in November each year.

The Chapa-De team has remained at the service of the community throughout everything we endured in 2021. From spending numerous hours in rain, wind and heat while delivering medical care in our parking lots, to arriving at work through the wildfires and winter storms, our team has shown up. Beyond everything else, we want our team to know how grateful we are for their dedication, resilience and unmatched compassion. Here are some of the ways were able to shown our commitment and gratitude.
Our Commitment to Our Staff

Upgraded Employee Assistance Program

We enacted a new Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Concern Health in July. This is a free benefit for our employees and their immediate family. It includes video, phone, or chat therapy, referrals for legal or financial problems, child and adult family care resources, and access to a mindfulness program designed specifically for healthcare workers.

Staff Appreciation Luncheons

In May, we hosted a luncheon at each health center to celebrate our amazing staff members. We safely gathered in a socially-distanced outdoor venue and provided free lunches to be enjoyed with music, games, and coworkers.



Chapa-De Rocks Staff Event

At the end of April, we hosted a Chapa-De Rocks Virtual Jam Session. This was the first opportunity for all staff members to gather since the start of the pandemic. Employees participated in a variety of fun music themed activities that allowed the team to decompress and share some laughs and smiles.

All Staff Meeting Focused on Wellbeing

On October 21, our full team gathered at the Nevada County Fairgrounds for an outdoor meeting focused on healing, resiliency, and the general wellbeing of our employees. This was the first time all staff members were able to get together in-person since the start of the pandemic, producing many smiles and a few tears.


We are proud to have awarded extra bonuses to our employees in 2021. Chapa-De annually provides a year-end bonus. Employees also received a vaccine appreciation bonus to thank them for protecting themselves, vulnerable patients, and coworkers. They also received a mid-year appreciation bonus.

Paid COVID-19 Leave

Chapa-De afforded employees over 4,750 hours of paid leave in 2021. All of our employees were eligible for COVID-19 leave if they could not physically come into the office or telework due to a qualifying COVID-19 related reason. Full-time employees were able to take up to 2 weeks (80 hours) leave. Part-time employees were eligible to take the number of hours they were normally scheduled to work over a two-week period.

Half Day Fridays

For four weeks at the end of the summer, we closed early on Fridays to give our team additional time to rest and practice self-care. This was beneficial to our staff members as this extra time allowed them to rejuvenate and continue to provide patients with the best care possible.

Staff Testimonials

At Chapa-De, the leadership team places trust and confidence in its employees and there is ample opportunity for career growth and advancement.


Tara Williams – Tactical Registered Dental Assistant

Dentists and Registered Dental Assistants work together with a sense of equality. We are a team, and our core focus is on providing patients with the best care possible.


Susan Sauter – Registered Dental Assistant

Chapa-De supports its team and provides exceptional benefits, which allows me to have a healthy work-life balance and enjoy my time away from work with the ones I love most.


Donna Jenkins – Patient Services Representative

As a part of the wonderful team at Chapa-De, I was able to take advantage of our loan repayment program and received a significant award which has greatly impacted my student loans and career.


Dr. Esther Song – Dentist

I feel fortunate to live and work in a region that provides ample opportunities for adventures, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when low-risk outdoor activities are encouraged.


Dr. Marlowe Dieckmann – Family Practice

As a Registered Nurse at Chapa-De, I have been given the opportunity to use my experience and skillset to play an integral role in the planning and implementation of patient care. I feel respected and motivated by a talented, compassionate team. Above all, I love the diversity and kindness of my co-workers.


Kirk Reed – Registered Nurse

Board of Directors & Leadership Roster

Board of Directors

Brenda Adams

Chapa-De Board Chair
UAIC Tribal Member

Gene Whitehouse

Chapa-De Board Secretary
UAIC Tribal Member

David Keyser

Chapa-De Board Vice-Chair
UAIC Tribal Member

Jason Camp

Chapa-De Board Member
UAIC Tribal Member

John L. Williams

Chapa-De Board Member
UAIC Tribal Member

Leadership Team

Lisa Davies, MPH

Chief Executive Officer

Sierk Haitsma

Chief Financial Officer

Darla Clark, MPA

Chief Operations Officer

Eric Osborn

Chief Information Officer

Anthony Reyes, MHRM

Chief Administrative Officer

Pauline Karunakaran, DDS

Dental Director

Alinea Stevens, MD

Medical Director

Amy Eargle, PhD

Behavioral Health Director

Nicole Conzoner, RN

Director of Nursing

Brandon Bettencourt, RN

Director of Quality and Patient Engagement

Debbie Arvay

Medical Practice Manager

Katie Aplanalp

Dental Practice Manager