Annual Report 2023
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Annual Report – 2023

The mission of Chapa-De Indian Health is to advance the health and well-being of American Indians and low income individuals living in our communities by providing convenient access to high-quality, compassionate care.

Letter from Lisa

Dear Friends,

As we enter 2024, Chapa-De celebrates our 50th Anniversary. I reflect on the remarkable journey that brought us to this momentous milestone and am filled with a deep sense of appreciation. I am grateful to those who came before us, those currently dedicated to our mission, and the future Board Members and employees who will carry the organization forward. Chapa-De’s evolution and growth is the result of 50 years of dedication from hundreds of individuals and this work is still unfolding.


To this end, 2023 was another successful and rewarding year for Chapa-De Indian Health. We added new team members to enhance our programs and services that support the growing needs of our community.  We also solidified plans for future expansion in Placer County. I am happy to share many of these great accomplishments in this year’s Annual Report.


Chapa-De continues to be driven by an unwavering commitment to advance the health and well-being of the communities that we serve. We look forward to the next 50 years as we continue to provide exceptional care that is compassionate, innovative, and accessible.


With gratitude,


Lisa Davies, MPH
Chief Executive Officer

50 Years of Chapa-De!

50 Years of Chapa-De!

2024 marks Chapa-De’s 50th Anniversary! Chapa-De Indian Health was founded in 1974 after a study showed American Indians living in our area experienced worse health outcomes than the general population. Our organization was established to address the urgent health needs of local native people. Over the last 50 years, we have experienced tremendous growth and we are proud to now provide comprehensive healthcare services to over 24,000 active patients. Our core mission continues in service to native peoples. Through the years, this commitment allowed us to expand our care to the larger community and we are grateful to also support the well-being of low-income individuals and families in Placer, Nevada, and Sierra counties.


Please visit our interactive timeline to explore the many accomplishments and milestones that have brought us to where we are today.

Chapa-De Today

At Chapa-De, we believe in whole-person care built on trust, kindness, and relationships. We invite you to view this quick video to learn about our approach to wellness through compassionate care.

Revenue & Expenses



3rd Party Insurance Billing
& Patient Fees


Indian Health Service


Grants & Others








Active & On-Going Grants


Indian Health Service Special Diabetes Program for Indians


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Tribal Opioid Response Program


California Department of Health Care Services Indian Health Program Perinatal Case Management


California Department of Health Care Services Indian Health Program Employee Recruitment Support


California Department of Health Care Services CalAIM Enhanced Care Management Capacity Building


Department of Health & Human Services & Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Rural Residency Program


First5 Placer Road to Resilience Project

Quality Indicators

Quality/HEDIS Results

Chapa-De is committed to providing quality healthcare services. We track a variety of data metrics to help us understand how we are performing across our health centers. Our performance results are based on the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS). These results show how Chapa-De compares to other healthcare providers.


90th Percentile (we excel and are in the top 10% of all providers):

  • Diabetes Management – A1C Control 
  • Asthma Treatment


50th Percentile (we rank in the top half of all providers):

  • Lead Screening
  • Well-Child Visits
  • Controlling Blood Pressure
  • Anti-Depressant Medication Management Acute Phase 

Highlighted Events

Our quality scores reflect the level of care delivered in daily patient interaction. We also host special events each year to reach additional patients and to offer services that are not regularly available.


  • Mammogram Screening Events: A mobile imaging unit visited Chapa-De twice in 2023 and delivered mammogram screenings to 123 patients. These screenings check for warning signs of breast cancer. These events were made possible by California Health & Wellness and Strokes4Hope.


  • Back to School Events: These special events helped 81 pediatric patients prepare for school through well-child visits, sports physicals, and immunizations. These appointments also provided an important opportunity to address a variety of needs including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) assessments, long-COVID symptoms, behavioral health concerns, sexual health education, and more. Participants additionally received backpacks filled with essential school supplies thanks to generous support from HealthNet.


  • Adolescent Vaccine Events: free immunization events in July helped ensure 47 adolescents aged 10-13 years old were able to get caught up on immunizations over the summer. Participants also received backpacks filled with essential school supplies thanks to generous support from HealthNet.

Patient Numbers & Demographics

Patient Numbers



Patients Seen in 2023

Active Patients

Patient had at least one visit in the last three years

























Patient Demographics

Some categories may not add up to 100% due to rounding.


0 - 180%

19 - 390%

40 - 590%



*Patient Sex Assigned at Birth



68 of these patients identify as transgender and receive affirming care and support


Native American0%


African American0%



Other Race0%



Placer County0%

Nevada County0%

Sacramento County0%

Yuba County0%

El Dorado County0%


Patient Insurance Coverage for 2023 Calendar Year


Patients are on Medicare


Patients are
on Medicare Managed Care


Patients are
on Medi-Cal


Patients are on
Medi-Cal Managed Care


Patients are using
Private Insurance


Self Pay


are free

Patient Income Compared To Federal Poverty Level (FPL) For 2023 Calendar Year


Under 100% FPL


100-138% of FPL


139-200% of FPL


201-400% of FPL


Above 400% of FPL



Federal Poverty Level (FPL)

Patient Visits & Key Encounters

Patient Visits








Behavioral Health

Other Key Encounters

Top 10 reasons Patients Seek Care

1. Dental Services

2. Immunization(s)

3. Routine Child Health Examination

4. Depression & Anxiety

5. Hypertension

6. Opioid Dependence

7. Therapeutic drug monitoring

8. Dietary counseling and surveillance

9. Counseling

10. Fitting and adjustment of eye glasses and contact lenses

Patient Satisfaction


Did your provider seem to know the important information about your medical history?



No Answer0%

Did your provider listen carefully to you?



No Answer0%


Do you feel the dental staff did a good job explaining the treatment being recommended to you?



Did your provider know the important information concerning your dental care?



No Answer0%


Were all of your questions and concerns addressed regarding the management of your health condition?



Behavioral Health

How satisfied are you with the concern showed for you by the person you go to for counseling or treatment?


Very Satisfied


Mostly Satisfied


Fairly Satisfied



How much did you feel understood and heard by the person you go to for counseling or treatment?









*Data is based on feedback from patient surveys collected between July – December 2023.


Some categories may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

Patient Testimonials

New Endodontic Services

New Endodontic Services

Chapa-De Indian Health is committed to meeting the needs of our community. We have grown and developed over the years, and in 2023, we welcomed an Endodontist onto our team! Dr. Steve Murphy sees patients at our health center in Auburn. This exciting new service allows our Medi-Cal and uninsured patients to more easily get the care they need. 


Chapa-De Dental Referral Coordinator Hilary explained, “Before we added an Endodontist, the only options for our patients were to pay money out of pocket to save a tooth or to have it pulled.” Referral Coordinator Michelle added, “There were NO Medi-Cal or Indian Health Service Endodontists anywhere in northern California and very few of our patients have the means to pay out of pocket.”


An Endodontist is a dental specialist. They are highly skilled and focus on diagnosing and treating tooth pain. You may be referred to an Endodontist by your dentist if you are experiencing tooth pain, a tooth injury, or deep tooth decay.


Historically, Endodontics is one of the most referred out specialties. We are thrilled to have Dr. Murphy on our team.

Added Support & Resources

Our Care Coordinators assist in the following services:

Scheduling rides to healthcare services

Completing Medi-Cal applications/renewals and other applications for services

Emergency Housing & Rental Assistance



Employment Services

Education Programs

Holiday Resources

We recognize that health happens outside of the exam room where our patients live, work, learn and play. To have a positive impact on health, we must also support patients to address needs and overcome barriers that impact their wellbeing. This is why Chapa-De’s staffing model includes programs like our Care Coordination and Maternal Child Health Programs.


Care Coordination Program


Our Care Coordination program illustrates Chapa-De’s patient-centered approach. We empower our patients to thrive by linking them to vital services and support systems. Our Care Coordinators and Community Health Representatives also reinforce our commitment to inclusivity. Our personalized care recognizes the unique needs of underserved communities.

Our Maternal Child Health Program

Pregnancy and family planning services

Tracking and encouraging completion of prenatal care services

Enhanced pregnancy and breast feeding education

Pediatric immunization tracking and administration

Connection to resources for developmental concerns

Tracking and coordination with specialty care providers

Support and education on parenting topics such as toilet training, parenting through the terrible twos, and care planning for a child with autism

Maternal Child Health Program


Chapa-De takes great pride in its commitment to the well-being of mothers and children through our Maternal Child Health Program. This initiative is dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services and wrap-around supports. Families receive extra assistance during pregnancy and throughout the newborn, childhood, and teenage years.

Chapa-De Appearance at Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Chapa-De Appearance at Wild & Scenic Film Festival

We are proud to have partnered with Sierra Harvest again this year to find new ways to deliver nutrition education and to change children’s relationship with food. This partnership and its efforts were explored in this short film. The film features Chapa-De physician Dr. Glenn Gookin and campers from the Food Love Farm Summer Camp. The film premiered at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival in February 2024.

Documenting Chapa-De’s History

Documenting Chapa-De’s History

To commemorate our 50th Anniversary, Chapa-De has been working with a Native American-owned videography firm over the last year to interview Elders about how Chapa-De was established. Topics also include how the non-profit has evolved and how our health centers positively impact the communities that we serve. We plan to officially unveil this exciting video history project at our 50th Anniversary Celebration later this year.

Cultural Training Highlights

2023 Cultural Training Highlights

As a Native American health center, we are committed to continuing investments in culturally competent care through team member trainings and programs. In 2023, we hosted two all-staff events focused on cultural trainings. In May, we hosted the United Auburn Indian Community Preservation Team to focus on teachings related to Nisenan Life. This training is relevant because we are on the traditional lands of the Nisenan, Miwok and Maidu, past and present, and honor with gratitude the land itself and the Nisenan, Miwok and Maidu people.


In October, we partnered with Sierra Native Alliance to host Indigenous Wellness: Natural Healing & Resilience Teachings and Workshops. As part of this event, Chapa-De employees learned about native healing practices and were engaged in the following natural healing and native crafting workshops.


  • Dream Catchers
  • Natural Medicine
  • Hand Drums
  • Meditation
  • Medicine Bags
  • Pine Nut Bracelets
  • Red Dress Necklace
  • Strength Shields
  • Medicine Wheel
  • Bone Whistles
2023 April Moore Scholarship Recipients
Since its inception in 2016, Chapa-De has awarded $20,000 to local students through this program.

Chapa-De Indian Health awarded five $1,000 scholarships as part of the April Moore Memorial Scholarship program in 2023 to Native American students in our region.These grants supported their continued higher education goals.


April Moore was a Member of Chapa-De’s Board of Directors for 26 years and served as the Board Chair from 2012-2015. She spent her life working to advance the American Indian community and helped to make Chapa-De what we are today. April passed away in 2015 but her impact in the native community continues today.

Meet our 2023 Scholars:

Blake McMillan


Blake McMillan graduated from Del Oro High School and is attending the Welding Technology Program at Butte College. He hopes to run his own construction company one day, where he plans to give back to his American Indian community by employing them and giving them opportunities to grow.

Leah Ellis


Leah Ellis recently graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is now pursuing a master’s degree. Her career goals include becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor to provide services to the Native American community as well as other underserved populations. She plans on practicing therapy in her hometown of Grass Valley.

Molly Briggs


Molly Briggs is attending Baylor University, majoring in Business Finance and minoring in Economics. After graduating college, Molly hopes to work in investment banking for a Native American tribe. Her mom and aunt both do investments for their tribe, and she would like to follow in their footsteps.

Zachary Hatten


Zachary Hatten attends Sierra College and is studying Nursing. He plans on becoming a Registered Nurse in either the Emergency or ICU (Intensive Care Unit) departments. Knowing that minorities often face healthcare disparities, he hopes to use his career to save lives in the American Indian community. As a descendant of the Karuk Tribe, it is part of his life’s mission to ensure good health for his fellow tribal members.

Zoey Hatten


Her career ambitions include becoming a nurse, inspired by both her grandmother and her brother who is also currently pursuing nursing. Zoey plans to use her education and career as a nurse to give back to her Native people.

Expanded Opioid Services Coming Soon!

UAIC Opioid Settlement Funds:
Expanded Services Coming Soon!

Lawyers representing American Indian Tribal nations successfully filed suits against numerous companies involved in the manufacturing and sale of opioids in the United States. These actions by pharmaceutical companies caused a decades-long opioid crisis with the affects still apparent today. The lawsuits claim that opioid manufacturers, distributors, and retailers knew that opioids are more addictive than they previouslty reported, causing increased addiction and harm to tribal members and their communities.


As part of settlements reached in 2022, the United Auburn Indian Community received over $1.3 million and has elected to give the funds to Chapa-De to assist in combating the opioid crisis in our communities. We are deeply honored to receive this additional funding to enhance our substance use disorder and harm reduction programs.

South Placer

South Placer Campus

We are expanding to Rocklin! Our new South Placer campus will be a convenient location for current and future patients in South Placer and Sacramento County who would otherwise have to travel to our Auburn and Grass Valley locations. This facility will support the holistic well-being of the community, incorporating core healthcare services, educational classes/groups, walking paths, and more. Being a native health organization, our plans prioritize working with and highlighting the unique and beautiful features of the land. The building and design elements  will honor nature and the history of native people. The objective is for patients to experience a sense of familiarity and tranquility upon entering to promote healing.


The implementation of our vision for the new South Placer healthcare facility follows a phased approach. We will begin with a select number of providers and support staff in the areas of medical, dental, behavioral health, diabetes, and maternal child health. We plan to include optometry and pharmacy services in the future. The current timeline anticipates construction starting in mid-2024 and completion in early 2026. The project was extended to allow time for an important environmental survey to help ensure the clinic maintains the integrity of the surrounding wetlands.

Residency Program

Residency Program

Chapa-De is proud to be a teaching facility and to help train the next generation of physicians through a partnership with the Sierra Nevada Family Medicine Residency Program. The first two resident physicians in this program began their training in Sacramento in July 2023 and will be joining Chapa-De in July 2024. Being a part of a medical residency training program is an exciting opportunity for our patients, our staff, and the wider community.


Through this program, the residents will attend to both new and existing patients at our Grass Valley health center where they will receive support and oversight from our outstanding team of providers. They are fully-trained physicians who bring with them the latest research and information to our health center. Patients can expect the same level of care they have received from our other providers through every aspect of their treatment.The program is designed to last three years for each set of residents and we anticipate accepting two new residents into the program each year.

Year 1


  • The “first year” resident physicians have been at Methodist Hospital in Sacramento. They have been gaining extensive experience with delivering babies, emergency care, and hospitalizations.

Year 2


  • The “first year” resident physicians will offer primary care services at Chapa-De Indian Health and hospital based services at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. The residents will spend two years offering these services in Grass Valley.


  • As the “first year” residents move into family medicine training, the “second year” of resident physicians will join Methodist Hospital for their first year of the program.

Year 3


  • The original “first year” resident physicians will complete their final year of residency at Chapa-De and Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. Upon completion, they will be eligible to receive board certification and to practice without supervision.


  • The “second year” of resident physicians will join Chapa-De and Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital for two years.


  • A new set (2) of residents physicians will join Methodist Hospital in Sacramento.
Join Our Team

Join Our Growing Team

For 50 years, Chapa-De Indian Health has been a leader in providing exceptional care to our Northern California communities. The “Chapa-De Culture” is built around a connection between our staff and patients. Our team members have a passion for helping others and they work to fulfill our mission every day. We strive to create an ideal working environment by promoting a good work-life balance and offering an excellent benefits package with competitive salaries above market rates, generous paid time off, and robust career opportunities.


We are always looking to hire highly engaged individuals who have a passion for helping others. The Careers page of our website is updated regularly with all open positions. Go to to learn more.

Our Values

Our Values

Board of Directors & Leadership Roster

Board of Directors

Brenda Adams

Chapa-De Board Chair
UAIC Tribal Member

Gene Whitehouse

Chapa-De Board Secretary
UAIC Tribal Member

David Keyser

Chapa-De Board Vice-Chair
UAIC Tribal Member

Jason Camp

Chapa-De Board Member
UAIC Tribal Member

John L. Williams

Chapa-De Board Member
UAIC Tribal Member

Leadership Team

Lisa Davies, MPH

Chief Executive Officer

Sierk Haitsma

Chief Financial Officer

Darla Clark, MPA

Chief Operations Officer

Eric Osborn

Chief Information Officer

Anthony Reyes, MHRM

Chief Administrative Officer

Pauline Karunakaran, DDS

Dental Director

Alinea Stevens, MD

Medical Director

Amy Eargle, PhD

Behavioral Health Director

Nicole Conzoner, RN

Director of Nursing

Brandon Bettencourt, RN

Director of Quality and Patient Engagement

Debbie Arvay

Medical Practice Manager

Kellie Lane

Dental Practice Manager

Our Services


Behavioral Health Services


Substance Use
Disorder Services

Dental, Orthodontic & Endodontic Care

Maternal Child Health Program

Diabetes Prevention & Care


Wellness Groups
and Classes


Care Coordination Program

Phlebotomy / Lab Services

Medication Therapy Management